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Kinsley-Offerle USD 347 Public Schools



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Each student attending KJSHS is responsible for maintaining appropriate school dress and for maintaining personal grooming standards that present a neat, clean personal appearance. Extreme or sloppy styles are not allowed.

Clothing which advertises or promotes alcoholic beverages, tobacco or tobacco products, or illegal substances is inappropriate. Also, clothing with racial or sexual slogans or comments shall be considered inappropriate.

All questions of dress will be addressed to the principal. The school has a few shirts that the student may wear that will allow the student to finish out the school day. If a student refuses to change immediately, he/she will be temporarily suspended and allowed to call a parent or guardian to correct the situation.

The following items constitute a partial listing of clothing considered inappropriate for school wear for boys and girls:

     * Hats and sunglasses--to be left in the locker during school

     * Shirts and Tops for Boys and Girls: Tube tops, halter tops, tank tops, and spaghetti straps which do not cover the midriff at all        time including when arms are held above the head, men’s white or colored undershirts (wife beaters), armpits that are too low,              and tops cut up or down the sides. Clothing must cover the chest area. If cleavage shows, it is too low. This includes covering              the undergarments as well. (The difference between a tank top and a no-sleeve shirt is rather difficult to determine. We will use the index finger of the student in question to measure the distance from the collar to the missing sleeve. If the finger extends past the material, it is a tank top and therefore not allowed.

     * Jeans or pants should not have holes from the waistband down to the mid-thigh area. Baggy jeans worn below the waist are not    acceptable attire.

     * Shorts should not have holes from the waistband down to the mid-thigh area. Skirts, shorts, and skorts must be mid-high in          length regardless of leg coverings.

     * Shoes/sandals must be worn at all times. Bedroom slippers and pajamas are not allowed to be worn at school except during         spirit week.

     * T-shirts with obscenities, double meanings, that advertise or promote alcohol, drugs, and drug paraphernalia, sex, and tobacco    products.

     * Overalls with one strap unfastened.

     * Dress code for activity trips will be determined by the sponsor.

     * During Spirit Weeks associated with Homecoming and Mid-Winter, dress-up-days are approved by the principal and some of the above restrictions are allowed during these weeks.

This policy will serve as a minimum for dress at all school-sponsored activities. This includes dances and the prom. Team dress will be determined by the coach/sponsor.

Violations of the Dress Policy will be handled in the following manner:

     1st Offense – Warning (change of clothes required). The office will have T-shirts and sports shorts for students to wear during the                               remainder of the school day.

     2nd Offense – Written up (Report to principal and 1 hour detention)

     3rd Offense – ISS (1 day)

     4th Offense – OSS (1 day)